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Dear customer,

Please read carefully the following conditions and regulations which regulate access and use of services on internet pages (further jointly referred to as: the Website).

Website was set and is administrated by ZTKR Konfekcija Elipsa Kraljevo (further referred to as: Elipsa) and its purpose is to present Elipsa’a activities and products as well as to provide services to its users. If you have any question or comments regarding the use of the Website, please contact us at the following address:

ZTKR Konfekcija Elipsa Kraljevo

Radnički bataljon 22

36000 Kraljevo

036 373-765

PIB _101258096

By accessing the Website or using it, you agree to the conditions contained herein, which can be updated from time to time, and in such form posted on the Website.

Any user is free to see any part of the Website for his own personal and private use. Elipsa reserves the right to change conditions of use posted hereby without any notice. Access to the Website after such a change shall be deemed an unconditional acceptance of the new terms.

If you do not want to be bound by these terms, please do not use the Website.


You can order products via Website by phone or per e-mail , in two ways:

- Courier service delivery (payment Cash upon delivery)

- Delivery of the product you chose to the closest Elipsa retail store

Buying online is simple, and even if you make a mistake, we are here to help you in any situation.

COD (cash upon delivery) - As in any regular store, first you must choose products you wish to buy. After that, click on the link “contact” and you will be automatically directed to an e-mail form where you must fill-in your e-mail address and other requested information. Now you can make inquiry about the product you chose, and buy it online, simply by following a few steps and instructions you will receive from us per e-mail. By clicking on the link you will receive from us per e-mail you will confirm your purchase and we reconfirm it, by sending you an e-mail with all the details of your purchase.

With this type of purchase the product you have chosen will be delivered directly to your home address, via courier service, in a way described further below.

SHOPPING IN RETAIL STORE - First, as in any classic-type store, it is necessary to choose the desired products online. After that, click on the link “contact” and you will be automatically redirected to an e-mail form, where you must fill-in all required fields and leave your e-mail address and other required information, and make inquiry and order the chosen product. If you wish to collect the chosen item in one of Elipsa’s retail stores, Elipsa will inform you as soon as possible within which period and in which store you can collect the item you have chosen. After you receive this e-mail, you must make a confirmation of your order by answering to it. After you have placed and order in the above described way, you will receive an e-mail with all the details of your order. Anyhow, if for any reason it is not possible to deliver ordered products, Elipsa will inform you without any further delay. Elipsa is always trying to have on stock all the articles offered on the website, and in all sizes; however, due to market demands and large number of retail stores, it can happen that certain products are no longer available on stock. This note is primarily related to products which have been offered for a longer period of time. If such coincidence should happen with your order, our sales department will with no further delays notify you by e-mail and offer you an alternative.


All payments are made in dinars (RSD). Prices shown on the Website are for informational purposes and may vary; it may also happen that prices on the Website differ from the ones in retail stores.

For the products you have ordered either by e-mail or by phone on website you can make the payment by one of the following methods: cash on delivery, debit cards, credit cards, personal checks, cash or credit (administrative order/ban).

Cash on delivery - You make the payment in cash, directly to the courier-delivery person upon the delivery of your order to your home address.

Payment in cash - payment of the amount stated on the fiscal receipt issued upon purchasing of the goods in any Elipsa retail store.

Payment by debit cards - if you own one of the following debit cards: VISA, DINA, MASTER, MAESTRO, you can use them to make your payment in any Elipsa retail store.

Payment by personal checks payment by personal checks can be made in 4 equal monthly installments in any Elipsa retail store.

Payment by credit cards Elipsa accepts the following credit cards issued by the Intesa Bank: VISA, MASTER and AMERICAN EXPRESS. By using one of those credit cards, you can make the payment in 3 equal monthly installments, in Elipsa retail stores in the following cities: Beograd, Novi Sad, Užice, Čačak, Niš and Kraljevo.

Payment by credit (administrative order/ban)

You can make payment by credit (administrative order/ban) under the following conditions:

  • for purchases over 6000 dinars, payment can be divided into 3 installments
  • for purchases over 9000 dinars, payment can be divided into 6 installments

The customer must meet the following conditions in order to make the above method of payment:

  • to be employed for an indefinite period of time (permanent employment)
  • to be employed by employer/company who payes wages regularly, in accordance with the Labor act
  • to be hired by employer / company whose bank accounts haven’t been blocked for more than 10 days in the previous 365 days
  • that the average amount of monthly wages in the last 3 months, reduced by the amount of suspension, is at least twice the amount of the purchase
  • that administrative order/ban authorized (stamped and signed) by the employer/company is not older than 3 days
  • that the administrative order/ban includes and contains all required neccessary information

In order to make purchase in the above way the customer must perform the following necessary steps:

      Download the Administrative ban form Administrativna zabrana
      Print it in three copies
      Submit printed copies to employer’s / company’s authorized department for completion and authorization (by stamp and signature)
      Bring completed signed and stamped administrative ban forms, together with the copy of his ID card, to Elipsa retail store where the purchase will be made
      After the customer has chosen the goods, sales person completes the Purchase agreement, in which is, among the other, stated the amount of the monthly installment, , and gives one copy to the customer, after which the customer can take possession of the purchased goods
      Regardless whether the monthly payment is made by the customer or by his employer/company, it is mandatory to include the number of the Purchase agreement on the money order/payment slip


Delivery costs are a total of 240 RSD (fix price) according to the courier service (AKS Express) price list.

Delivery costs will always be stated in the list and calculation of costs shown on your order, which you will receive on your e-mail address as a re-confirmation of your purchase (as stated above). When ordering online, you automatically give your full agreement to pay delivery costs. For purchases amounting over 8000 dinars, delivery costs will be payed by Elipsa.


From the moment your payment has been made and confirmed, it takes min. 2 and max 5 working days for your package to be delivered to you. That time includes the preparation of your package and number of days required by the courier service to make the delivery. The delivery is made strictly and only on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, excluding the territory of Autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija.


Your order will be delivered to you by the courier service to the address you have specified for delivery, between hours 8 am and 4 pm. Accordingly, we are kindly asking you to ensure the presence of a person who can take the delivery in that period of time, in order to receive your package. When taking over your package, it is necessary that you visually inspect the package to avoid any possible visible damages.

If the package box/bag seems to be significantly damaged and you suspect that the content of the package might also be damaged, please refuse to receive the package and notify us immediately about this.

If there are no visible damages on the package and contents of the package seems not to be damaged, you can receive the package and sign the consignment receipt, as well as pay for the shipment (cash on delivery).

It is courier’s obligation to try the delivery on two occasions. If the shipment wasn’t delivered because no one was present to receive it, the usual practice is that your courier calls you on the phone number you have specified when creating your order, and schedule the new delivery time with you. If even after that the delivery fails, the shipment is returned to us. After receiving the package, it is our obligation to contact you and determine the reason for non-delivery, as well as to agree a new delivery.


The contents of the Website originate from various sources and for these reasons may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Elipsa is making efforts to put correct and accurate information on the Website but cannot guarantee its accuracy. Elipsa shall not be held liable for any errors or irregularities on the Website. Website may contain links that allow you access to other websites. Elipsa has no control of the contents of websites that can be accessed through the Website and cannot be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the user if using them. Elipsa does not hold any responsibility for any damages which the users or third parties could suffer when accessing and browsing the Website. Elipsa should not in any way be held responsible for any damages users may suffer due to the inability to perform any of the services offered by the Website or the inability to receive any information.

Elipsa may at any time terminate access to the Website for purposes of its maintenance, security or any other technical reason and for those reasons shall not be held liable for any possible damage inflicted to the user, caused by interruption of services on the Website. Elipsa also may ban access to any user if it finds that the manner of his/her use of the Website is contrary to these provisions, the applicable legislation or if his/her actions may harm any rights of third parties or Elipsa.

These provisions do not in any way exclude the rights of users determined by the law.


Elipsa handles all personal data in accordance with the applicable Law on protection of personal data. You can find more information about this further in this text, or by using the link PRIVACY POLICY here, or on the Website.

Access to and use of the Website is free. Elipsa does not require that you give your personal data, unless you request the provision of certain services offered on the Website.

Permission to give personal data for persons under the age of 18 , must be authorized by their parents or legal guardians.

When using the Website you agree to all conditions regarding the usage of personal data. Elipsa collects your personal data with the purpose of providing services offered on the Website, such as: buying products, e-marketing (newsletters), etc.

Elipsa commits to process each given personal data conscientiously, in good faith and with application of appropriate safety measures in order to prevent any unauthorized disclosure or misuse, all according to the applicable Law on Protection of Personal Data.

Your personal data can be collected and processed only until you revoke your agreement, and after your revoke it, all your personal data will be permanently destroyed and erased.

Depending upon the purpose of collection and processing of personal data, Elipsa may ask you to share the following information: full name, username, e-mail address, home address, city, postal code, country or telephone number.

In the above mentioned cases Elipsa collects and processes your personal data solely on the basis of your personal consent.

You agree to allow collection and processing of your personal data by completing a specialy designed service form offered at the Website and that agreement can be revoked at any time, in the way closer described in the following section.

You have the right to revoke your agreement for collecting and processing personal data at any time, at one of the following ways:

  • by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address
  • by sending regular letter to the address ZTKR Konfekcija Elipsa, Radnički bataljon 22, 36 000 Kraljevo

In case you decide to revoke your agreement Elipsa is obliged to permanently destroy and erase all your personal data without any delay, no later than 15 days after your revoke was received.

Privacy policy applies only to the use of the website, and only for the territory of the Republic of Serbia, and does not apply to any websites to which can be accessed by the Website or to the territories of any other countries.


Users should be aware that all contents of the Website are registered and can not be used except in accordance with these conditions. Elipsa is a registered trademark, and all illustrations, photographs, graphics, images, visual images and pictures posted on the Website are Elipsa’s ownership, or are the ownership of third persons who have given Elipsa rights and licenses to use them. Any complete or partial reproduction, distribution or modification of mentioned contents of the Website or any activity contrary to the above mentioned are strictly forbidden and constitute a violation of the law.


The presentation of our products on the Website is an invitation to make an order for the purchase of goods. By confirming your purchase via e-mail you issue a binding buying order and are obliged to make the payment. After the above, a purchase order will be created in the shortest possible time, and you will receive an e-mail which contains all the elements of your purchase. All prices are in RSD with VAT included. Elipsa reserves the right to change prices, unless otherwise specified ( in cases of sales, special discounts etc.). Prices are valid at the moment you create your order, and have effect and validity for the upcoming period. Specified prices are valid only for the internet shop and can differ from the prices in Elipsa’s retail stores. By entering into agreement with Elipsa you are protected by the consumer rigths provided by the Law on Protection of Consumers. Elipsa is obliged to deliver purchased goods not later than 30 days after the agreement is made, unless otherwise specified or agreed.


The contents of the Website as well as rights and obligations arising on the basis of purchase through the Website are regulated by the Law on Electronic Trade of the Republic of Serbia, as well as other laws of the Republic of Serbia in areas not regulated by that law.


According to the Law we are hereby informing you that reclamations on goods purchased through the site can be declared electronically to the e-mail address, or by mail to Elipsa’s address. We are also informing you that you are required to provide the goods to which the complaint relates, as well as fiscal receipt or other proof of purchase of the goods (copy of the sales slip, etc.).

When sending back the reclamated goods it is required that you send back the product in its original packaging.

Upon the receipt of the complaint we will provide you a written confirmation or we will electronically notify you to confirm that we have received your complaint.

Not later than 8 days after receiving the complaint, we will respond to your reclamation, in writing or by e-mail. This respond will include a decision on whether we accept the complaint, as well as our stand towards it, and a defined proposal and deadline for resolving your complaint, whereas the time frame for its resolution can not be longer than 15 days after the receipt of the complaint.

If, for objective reasons, we are unable to resolve your complaint within the specified period, we have an obligation to inform you about the extension of the deadline for resolving it, indicate the timeframe in which we will solve your complaint and ask for your consent.


The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract on the purchase of goods which he bought through the Website without specifying reasons for withdrawal, within 3 days from the date when the goods came in his/her possession, or in possession of a third party designated by the consumer.

If you decide to cancel the purchase contract concluded through the Website, you can choose on of the following means:

  • By sending unilateral contract cancellation form to e-mail address or per regular mail to Elipsa’s address
  • By any other clear and definite way

If you send cancellation form per e-mail, we will immediately notify you about its receipt.

Withdrawal statement has legal effect and is considered timely if it is sent no longer than 14 days from the date when the goods came in consumer’s possession, or in possession of a third party designated by the consumer. After that time, the consumer looses the right to claim withdrawal.

In case of unilateral contract cancellation, the consumer bears all delivery expenses for sending back the goods, and is obliged to send the goods back to Elipsa not later than 3 days after the receipt of goods, together with fiscal receipt or other proof of purchase of the goods (copy of the sales slip, etc.).

Elipsa is obliged to duly and immediately refund the payment of the goods, not later than 14 days after reception of unilateral cancellation form, with note that Elipsa can delay refunding until the receipt of the goods in question or until Elipsa receives from the customer the proof that the customer has sent the goods, whichever comes first, except in the case that Elipsa specified to assume the goods in question on its own. By purchasing the product you give your explicit consent that the refund will be payed to your bank account.


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